12 trained students by BRICK program find jobs in Ferizaj!

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12 trained students by BRICK program find jobs in Ferizaj!

March 14, 2019 – Wood processing in the Municipality of Ferizaj is one of the biggest businesses and the biggest part is focused in Greme. Given this fact, the interest of international partners in investing in this area has also been intensified, in order to increase professionalism, productive capacity, increase product quality and increase the overall capacity of all individuals involved in this business.
Wood processing has been mostly focused in Greme, where pretty soon the need to build a business meeting center for all businesses arose. The center was supported by the European Union Office and CDF as a co-implementing partner made sure that they’re equipped with the latest modern technology such as CNC. In addition to equipping the center, CDF held trainings on the use of the machinery and AutoCAD – as the main program used to control the machinery, general managerial skills, resources, marketing, sales and standardization.

 Through our program, BRICK, for the past 4 months CDF has trained 12 students of the last year of Secondary School of Agribusiness and Technology ‘Zenel Hajdini’ in Ferizaj. The students from the department of wood processing learned how to design in AutoCAD and how to work with the CNC machinery, which has prepared them for the job market.
Today, all 12 students were delivered the certificates of the training. Before the training ended, they have all been contacted by Ferizaj business owners for jobs.
The 12 trained students have successfully completed the training and started to work in the Wood Processing Center in Greme and in different businesses in Ferizaj.