Extension of ViP DinaricA in the CBC Region Albania – Kosovo


The Overall Objective is to enhance cross-border (CB) economic activities through unique sustainable tourism models based on natural, traditional and cultural values, while bringing forth shared characteristics of the region.

Specific Objectives

SO1: Further development of ViP DinaricA long-distance trail and enriching tourism offer that links mountain communities and tourism stakeholders in target region for valorization of unique natural wealth & cultural-historic

SO2: Raise awareness on economic, environmental & social benefits of long-distance trails, increase attractiveness and competitiveness of the tourist offer in project covered area;

SO3: Increase attractiveness of the area for visitors through small-scale interventions and effective promotion and marketing of the destination.

Project details

  • Grant Contract No.: 2018/395-022
  • Overall budget: 444,684.38 EUR
  • Donor contributions: 377,981.73 EUR
  • Applicants contributions: 66,702.66 EUR
  • Start date: 15 March 2018 - 15 February 2020 (24 months)
  • Coordinator Partner: Community Development Fund (CDF),
    Kosovo Albanian Development Fund (ADF), Albania
  • Location of project: Kosovo, Bjeshket e Nemuna,
    Municipalities of Gjakova, Decan,
    Junik and Pejë and Albania,
    Municipalities of Kukes Region, Lezha Region.