The Cultural Renaissance from Skadar Lake to Kosovo – TIME TRAVEL


Overall objective (i.e. impacts): To contribute to improvement of the quality and diversification of the tourism offer building on natural and cultural heritage at cross-border rural areas of KOS and MNE

Specific objective(s) (i.e. outcome(s)): To develop a know-how model for preserving, valorizing, interpreting and integrating heritage sites along nature trails into comprehensive natural and cultural tourism offer, and to jointly promote them.”

1) R1 Cross-border tourist cluster formed with the aim to create a recognizable thematic tourist offer “TIME TRAVEL” which connect 5 key heritage sites in KOS to 5 heritage sites in MNE
2) R2 Light visitor and access infrastructure arranged to support the development of key products (sign posting and heritage interpretation routes for tourism purposes);
3) R3 Built capacity of target groups regarding development and management of identified heritage assets and its potential to spill off and improve economic and social environment of CB area
4) R4 Joint marketing campaign implemented

Project details

  • Category:  Adventure tourism
  • Lead applicant:  Community Development Fund (CDF)
  • Overall budget:  404,235.73 EUR
  • EU Contribution:  343,730.33 EUR
  • Applicants contribution:  60,505.40 EUR
  • Project Duration:  24 months (01 March 2023 – 01 February 2025)

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