Training on HIV Testing and Counseling

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Training on HIV Testing and Counseling

On 15, 16 and 17th of October, three-days training on HIV Testing and Counseling was organized by CDF/GF – HIV Program in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. The training was organized for health professionals working in the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Centers.

The purpose of this training was to provide health care professionals with expertise on HIV testing and counseling services, as well as with regards to stigma and discrimination against PLHIV and other key populations.

After this training, health workers will be capable to provide basic HIV/AIDS information, ways of transmission, risk assessment and to provide information on changing risk behaviors.

It is expected that through HIV Testing and Counseling training, services will be expanded to other public MMT Centers that are implementing MMT Program.

CDF is the main recipient of Global Fund for the Programs of HIV and TB since 2011 in Kosovo.