Building Resilience in Individuals and Communities in Kosovo


The Overall Objective is to increase resilience to negative influences for the Youth in Ferizaj and Kaçanik by offering self-development opportunities – in terms of positive alternatives (trainings, grants, clubs) and narratives (positive image of communities) so that youth will be more likely to achieve their aspirations and enhance their self-worth.

Specific Objectives

SO1: High School students to become more confident about their future as a result of increased availability and participation in extra-curricular activities, skill-building, and entertainment.

SO2: High school students become committed about their professional advancement and further extension of their (social and professional) networks.

SO3: Upper Elementary Students to have a heighten sense of community as a result of increased social interaction and care between different social groups as well as heighten their control over online behavior.

Core Project Activities:

  1. Creating clubs at schools focusing in sports, theater and music as well as performances o their work through concerts, plays and soccer tournaments.
  2. Provide trainings and grants for young entrepreneurs to encourage new endeavors.
  3. Organize competitions and Fair for students to showcase their projects/ideas.
  4. Provide trainings and grants for young community leaders so that they undertake community projects voluntarily.
  5. Provide trainings in wood processing (CNC Machine) so that students become better equipped to join the labor market.
  6. Organize seminars and campaigns for safe internet use so that students, teachers and parents are better informed.

Project details

  • Grant Contract No.: QNA-T-CDF
  • Overall Budget: 2,128,177€
  • Start Date: 01 April 2018 – 31 February 2020
  • Target Groups: Primary and Secondary School Students in Ferizaj and Kaçanik Region
  • Program Sub-recipients: 1. NGO Integra
    2. NGO ICK
    3. NGO CCPA
    4. NGO KYC
    5. NGO FIT
    6. NGO Columbus Institute