Advancing Kosovo Together – Local Solution


The Overall Objective is to increase constructive inter-ethnic cooperation and interaction, primarily between the majority and minority communities.

Specific Objectives

SO1: Citizen Engagement- Improve communication and integration between minority and majority populations;

SO2: Business Development- Improve economic opportunities for non-majority communities in target municipalities;

SO3: Municipal Development- Increase efficiency and capacity of target municipal administrations to respond to the needs of their citizens.

Core Project Activities:

  1. Through strategic grant interventions in building small-scale community infrastructure, the Citizen Engagement component team will liaise between central and local government and build bridges between line ministries and municipal government in improving the quality of governance and service delivery for citizens. This component will aim to eliminate the barriers between public institutions and representatives of majority and minority ethnic communities as well as individual members of these communities.
  2. Through grant funding in support of start-ups and existing businesses with high likelihood of commercial viability this component will promote self-employment and income generation particularly among youth and women as particularly disadvantaged groups. This component will also focus on capacity building for aspiring entrepreneurs in business and financial planning, marketing and sales, as well as sector specific trainings.
  3. Through a package of direct technical assistance to municipalities this component will aim to improve the quality and diversity of public services for citizens as well as enable local governments to better plan and implement local development policies. To this end, services in support of private sector, as well as, those aimed at increasing formalization of commerce, will be particularly supported, as they represent an important revenue stream for local governments.

Project details

  • Grant Contract No.: 984
  • Overall Budget: 7,000,000.00 USD
  • Start Date: 01 October 2014 – 01 October 2018
  • Target Groups: Central and local government;
    Majority and non-majority communities;
    Start-ups and existing businesses;
    Civil society organizations and community groups.
  • Program Sub-recipients: 1. NGO AKTIV;
    2. Kosovo Relief and Development;
    3. Center for Peace and Tolerance.