Guides of Mountain Biking in Kosovo and Albania get certified

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Guides of Mountain Biking in Kosovo and Albania get certified

September 25, 2018 – CDF through its ViA DinaricA Program held a three-day training of guides for mountain biking, which is part of the project expansion ViA DinaricA for the cross-border region of Albania and Kosovo. The theoretical part of the training was held at Hotel “La Villa” in Gjakova, whereas the practical part and pedaling was held in different areas: rural, mountainous, and urban until the border area, throughout DinaricA trail, which connects Albania and Kosovo.

There were 20 participants (10 from Kosovo and 10 from Albania), to learn specific knowledge of biking, techniques and rules of pedaling, knowledge of mountain cycling and demonstrating functional parts of the bicycle theoretically and practically. Furthermore, the candidates had the opportunity to learn about possible failures of bike and learning how to repair them. Lectures of first aid were also part of the training, by offering participants basic knowledge in this area, with the goal of reducing side effects during pedaling and offering help on time to the injured people.

Expansion of ViP DinaricA program in the CBC Region Albania – Kosovo is funded by the EU and implemented by CDF and our partner Albanian Development Fund – ADF, which will last for a two-year period with the goal of increasing the economic activity in the cross-border area through unique sustainable tourism models based on natural, tradition and cultural values, while bringing forth the shared characteristics of the region.