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Community Development Fund (CDF)

The Community Development Fund (CDF) commenced its activities in November 1999, when it was established in partnership with the Soros Foundation/Open Society Institute. Later, on 8 October 2000, the CDF was registered as a local, non-profit NGO with Public Benefit Status to carry out a community development project through small-scale community investments, under a World Bank project.

The success of CDF is attributable to implementation of following types of high quality, and cost-effective projects. Our areas of activities are:

  • Infrastructure works, especially in poor, conflict-affected and mountainous communities, where the CDF has developed the capacity to penetrate and engage communities in formulating relevant project proposals;
  • Social service projects in response to priority needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Kosova;
  • Institutional capacity building projects at the local level to ensure the sustainability of facilities constructed or rehabilitated and to improve social service delivery;
  • Poverty alleviation and employment through offering grants, training and technical assistance to small and micro enterprises all over the country.
  • Public health services

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