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The UNDP engaged CDF to perform services to complete the legal and technical assessment of property and houses of referred potential individual and spontaneous returnees and subcontracting and supervising of construction of houses for approved returnee households in order to ensure that housing assistance is provided along the highest technical standards. Tasks required for completion of the project included legal and technical assessment, design, acquiring urbanism permit, tri-partite agreement, tendering, contracting and administration of contracts, supervision, final inspection, reporting, certification, UNDP supervision and monitoring and preparing a work plan and a budget.

Following the UNDP invitation for proposals the CDF is engaged in order to perform services in respect of the completion of legal and technical assessment of property and houses of referred potential individuals as well as subcontracting and supervising the construction of the houses. The duration of the contract is 11 months starting October 01, 2005, and includes the construction of 100 houses.


Government Assistance to Returnees - "Sustainable Return of Minority Families to Drsnik and Dollc villages, Klina Municipality" - 534,982.28 EUR .
Project funded by Kosova Government, financially managed by UNDP. The project overall is a partnership between CDF, ICMC and Erickshjalpen (EHJ).

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