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The Community Development Fund (CDF) has its own Board of Directors composed of five prominent members of Kosova society selected on basis of their professional expertise and their understanding of social problems in Kosova.


The CDF currently consists of seven departments all functioning under the direct supervision of the executive director. These departments include the finance department, the procurement and administration department, the infrastructure department, the SME support department, the MIS and IT department as well as the HIV/AIDS prevention department and TB prevention department.

The CDF actually has 36 staff members of whom 30 are professional staff. Among CDF employees there are 4 PhD candidates, 2 with masters’ degree, 12 masters’ candidates and 10 with bachelors’ degree. The long experience and high professionalism of staff in their areas of expertise allows them to cope even with the most difficult of situations.


Over the past fourteen years, the CDF has also established solid partnerships with local NGOs, development agencies and a number of external donors, which have contributed in building up the organizations capacities in various fields of community development.


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