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The representatives of five Western Balkan countries in Maribor strengthen cooperation in tourism

on Monday, 07 September 2015 09:00.


Maribor, September 4, 2015


Representatives of several organizations and municipalities of five countries of Western Balkans signed a Memorandum today, for collaboration in the field of tourism. The trans-national collaboration includes Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, who will jointly develop a tourism destination and develop a tourist infrastructure.


Community Development Fund – CDF was part of the working group for development of Joint Cross-border Tourism Strategy in the region of Western Balkan and it was represented by Executive Director Ms. Nermin Mahmuti and Senior Consultant Kushtrim Shaipi.
A member of the European Parliament Tanja Fajon was also attending the meeting in Maribor who said “Such linking among regions with a joint goal is an excellent idea. It not only contributes to developing the potential these regions have, but it also shows a close collaboration between regions, which is of extreme importance”.


In October the region will present itself in Brussels to the Committee of the Regions, with the goal to obtain European funding to upgrade the development of tourism destinations.

CDF Participates in introductory meeting for wood processing center in Ferizaj municipality

on Thursday, 16 April 2015 10:39.


February 14, 2015, An introductory meeting was held with wood processors in the municipality of Ferizaj with the aim of informing them in detail about the opening of a wood processing center in this region, a project funded by EU and implemented by BSCK, CDF and the municipality of Ferizaj. The Executive Director of CDF Ms. Nermin Mahmuti informed the participants that wood processors from the municipalities of Ferizaj, Kaçanik and Shtërpcë will be offered services of CNC machine purchased for this center as well as trainings in general management skills, resource management, marketing, sales and standardization.


Through this project 10 wood processors from these municipalities will also have an opportunity to obtain ISO certification as well as participate in international fairs with the aim of increasing sales of Kosovo wooden products abroad.    


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