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Government of Canada

In August 2005, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) gave a grant to CDF, with the main objectives of the project being:

1) Improving the quality, access and availability of community services in poor and conflict-affected communities, and for the most vulnerable, including returnees, and
2) Promoting institutional capacity building at the community and municipal level so as to improve the quality and sustainability of service delivery, and enhance greater stakeholder participation and empowerment in local development.

Funded activities by the grant were:

a) Community Social Services Sub-Grant - Provision of sub-grants for the community social services that address the needs of the poor, the vulnerable and the disadvantaged groups by carrying out programs such as day care centers for the elderly and marginalized groups, health awareness campaigns, assistance to returning families in their communities and school transport for children in the rural areas.
b) Institutional Capacity Building: Provision of technical assistance and training to strengthen the capacity of local level institutions and community groups to improve service delivery at the local level to be carried out under an integrated development framework.

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