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Name of Project Via Peak of Dinaric Alps: project reference MNE-KS1-40
Grant Contract No. 2015/368-691
Location of project Peje/Pec, Decan/Decane and Juniku/Junik Municipalities
Overall budget Functional lead applicant (185,355.77) EUR.
EU contributions 153,474.58 EUR
Applicant contribution 31,000.00 EUR
Start date 01 March 2016
End date 31 August 2016
Duration 18 months
Implementing Company Lead applicant: Community Development Fund (CDF), Kosovo Partner: Klubi i Orientimit, Kosovo Co-applicant: Center for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives(CSTI), Montenegro Partner: Mountaineering Association of MNE, Montenegro
Overall objective (s) - Enhance Cross-border (CB) economic activities through unique sustainable tourism models based on natural, traditional and cultural values, while bringing forth common characteristics of the region
Specific Objectives - Develop ViP Dinarica, long distance trail and tourism package that links mountain communities and tourism stakeholders in target region for valorization of unique natural wealth & cultural-historic heritage;
- Raise awareness on economic, environmental & social benefits of long-distance trails, increase attractiveness and competitiveness of the tourist offer in Prokletije/ Bjeshket e Nemuna
Core Project Activities: 1. Inception assessment, planning ( to continue as project management activities);
2. Improve and upgrade of small scale tourism infrastructure Mapping and Agreements with existing touristic vendors and service providers;
3. Development of Touristic offer ViP Dinarica;
4. Mapping and GPS tracking of the routes in the CB region;
5. Joint Market Access Programme;
6. Building Capacities of mountaineering clubs KOS&MNE;
7. Promoting, awareness raising and marketing.
Coordination/Interaction - Municipalities of Peje/Pec, Decan/Decani and Juniku/Junik
- National Park Management Office
- Civil Society Organizations
- Private Businesses ( tour operators, tourism vendors etc)
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