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Inauguration event of water supply project

On December 21st, 2011 an inauguration event of Water Supply project was organized in the village Teçe, Municipality of Lipjan. 

In the ceremony were present Mr. Jan-Peter Olters, Country Manager/World Bank Office in Kosovo, Mr. Shukri Buja, Mayor of Lipjan Municipality, Ms. Nermin Mahmuti, CDF Executive Director, Mr. Gjelosh Vataj, Director of RWC “Prishtina” .

“The construction of the water reservoir and the pump station” is implemented within the project “Social Inclusion and Local Development” – Component of Community Investment Grants, financed by World Bank.

The project was initiated by the community in 2008 with the construction of the distribution network and continued with the installation of the main pipe by RWC “Prishtina” while CDF and the Municipality facilitated the finalization of this project by constructing the reservoir and pump station for water supply of the village Tece. The cost of the project is 36,235.37 Euro which was financed 83% by CDF and 17% by the Municipality of Lipjan.                       

Inauguration ceremony in Gjakova

For the purpose of promoting the beneficiaries, the donor, the partnership with other projects, an inauguration ceremony was organized in Gjakova on 20th of September, 2011.


The event was hosted by CDF and more than 40 guests were present during the inauguration ceremony at the furniture manufacturer “Mebelstil” Enterprise, who is one of beneficiaries.


The guests were the Mayor of Municipality of Gjakova and staff members from Municipality, other grant beneficiaries, CDF partners, media and CDF staff. Printed and electronic media were present during the ceremony as well.


Minister Agani signed a Memorandum of understanding with CDF-Prishtina (Community Development Found)

Minister Agani signed a Memorandum of understanding with CDF-Prishtina (Community Development Found)

The minister for health of the Republic of Kosovo Mr. Ferid Agani and the executive director of the local NGO CDF-Prishtina Ms. Nermin Mahmuti signed today a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Health and CDF-Prishtina.

This memorandum aims to establish a good cooperation between MH and CDF for the continuity of round seven HIV/AIDS program of the Global Fund, against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

They also signed a memorandum of understanding for the continuity of round nine Tuberculosis program of the Global Fund against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Minister Agani promised that the Ministry of Health will fully support the implementation of these two projects, he also promised more cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the Global Fund in the future.

The executive director of CDF-Prishtina Ms. Nermin Mahmuti said that CDF-Prishtina is nominated as the main recipient of funds for round seven HIV/AIDS program and round nine TB program, she also said that CDF as a local NGO continuously supported programs and activities related to institutions and their reformation.

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